Providing great IT Support is at the heart of everything we do but we can do much than simply fix things when they break. With our fully managed support services we are more than just a person on the ground.

As well as having access to your onsite technician and remote helpdesk, we will work alongside your school to plot a way forward by continually improving and developing your IT.

What’s included?

Onsite Support

Onsite support on a bespoke schedule to suit you.  Options range from a single technician a few hours a week to multiple full time technicians.

Online Support Portal

Self-Help Portal to view your tickets and view common solutions

Remote Support

Remote Helpdesk offering email and phone support 8am-4pm. Our team are available to help even when a technician isn’t on site.

Proactive Monitoring

Pro-active monitoring and maintenance to ensure your equipment and systems are running as best they can be and get ahead of common issues

Strategic Support

Rather than just providing help when things go wrong, regular meetings with school leaders are included to help you plan for the future.